What is REACH?

The REACH project is designed to facilitate and sustain collaborations between Black student organizations and local community-based organizations (CBOs). Our aim is to facilitate greater ties between student activists and the communities they represent.  Ultimately, the collaborations will work in service of families and neighborhoods in Philadelphia on issues such as increased access to education and healthcare as well as anti-crime and anti-violence initiatives.

Sponsored by Temple University’s Center for Social Justice and Multicultural Education and Drexel University’s Multicultural Collaborative, a summit will be held on Saturday, February 25, 2012. This event will take place on Temple’s Main Campus in the Howard S. Gittis Student Center. Titled Engaged Black Leadership in 2012: Activism, Organization and Empowerment,this third annual REACH summit will examine models of engaged leadership. We will also explore current activities to improve the Black community, from service-learning and student activism to mentoring and family involvement. We will exchange effective strategies when organizing for social and institutional change, as well as deepen our collective understanding of critical issues in the Black community. Before the day’s end, participants will gather to share their experiences, exchange ideas, and meet other leaders who labor to create a better world.

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